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I’ve never added a button to my blog before so I cut and pasted all the gobblty gook that was under the graphic and repasted it here..  We’ll see…   Ok, it didn’t work.  I’ll be back with a working button but for now, click on the web address above.


In September (the 23-29th) Imagine Gnat is hostessing a Selfish Sewing Week.  Now, I sew a lot for myself since I have no kids but there is a tiny voice in my head saying things like “Shouldn’t you be working on Zac’s quilt?” or “You haven’t made anything for those new babies yet and there are 3 of them!!!”  So, I’m excited about Selfish Sewing Week because I can tell those voices to go away, this week I’m sewing for me.

I hope you will join me.  I’m going to come up with a couple of great projects that you can only see right here!