First love


My first favorite company was Urban Threads.  Very surprising that a 55 yr old lady would love their edginess and steam punkedness.  Although the steam punk dragonfly went on many shirts and towels, I love their nature swirls and Alice in Wonderland designs.  They inspire me to do more with embroidery than just left chest logos.

Right now, they have this very cute monster set where you mix and match eyes, noses and mouths to create your one of a kind monster.

They also have a wonderful freebie:

(“Make a bold yet cuddly statement with this adorable design! A sweet black sheep is framed by the words “If by different you mean AWESOME” — and, of course, we do. Cute on sweatshirts, totes, pillows, even a knitting bag.

Celebrate being unique and offbeat with this adorable design! It’s free through Sunday, Feb. 26 in machine embroidery, hand embroidery and digital stock art formats. Get yours below!”  That’s what Urban Threads says about their freebie.

Of course while I was at their site, I saw the cutest little sailor boy which I had to have.  I put him on this bib:

Toni says he scares her a little.  I hope they make a girl to go with him!

That’s all for today.  Next time- maybe my favorite in the hoop item.  We’ll see!



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