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Why The Sew Zone USA?


After 6 weeks in Hawaii then 1 week in Maine, it was time to address “what’s next?”. It has been a dream of ours for a long time to have a business we could work at together. So, we started talk about the commercial embroidery idea but Toni was hesitant. I decided to just let it sit until Toni thought of a name because once she thought of a name, I knew that we’d be in business. The next day, she said “I’ve got it- The Sew Zone!”. Since she knew there would be an online presence, she went to buy the URL but The Sew Zone was taken, surprisingly by a wedding dress maker in Dublin, Ireland. So, I suggested The Sew Zone USA and here we are!

I bet you’ve all been wondering….


Allow me to introduce us!


Glad you found The Sew Zone. We are a new business located in central Georgia and on the Internet. First of all, we produce high quality embroidered and other personalized products. Secondly, we sell a line of artisan made fabric items. These one of a kind items are creations of the artist in chief and will be totally subject to what she’s in the mood to make. But, trust us, you will love them.

This company is the longtime dream of partners Toni (marketing whiz and business person) and Christine (artist). We are looking forwared to opening mid-October with a grand (and I mean GRAND) opening on Nov. 1, 2011. Right now, we are designing, planning, thinking, and itching to get started.

You’ll find all kinds of information on this blog. New products and specials. Patterns and instructions for Christine’s designs. Information about our suppliers. Links to cool stuff. Posts about our friends and business “partners.” (Not legal partners but friends who are doing good things that we want to promote.) Great ideas for your weddings, showers, football excursions, parties, showing your gratitude to your employees and supporting your favorite non-profit.

Check in and see what’s new. Even this blog will be new and changing from day to day as we as we look to find the best way to make a living with spirit, energy, enthusiasm, and love.